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What is Rush?

Rush is a period in the beginning of each semester where you can learn more about a sorority. That means, during rush, you'll learn more information about what Kappa Phi Lambda is recognized for, and what it means to be a sister! It's also an important time for us to get to learn more about you too. 
Rush is FREE and open to anyone curious about what our sorority has to offer and there is no commitment. We would love to see you come out and just have fun at our events! In order to qualify for a bid, which is an invitation to begin the Intake Process, you will need to attend at least ONE General Interest Meeting (G.I.M.) and at least TWO other events.
 Hopefully by coming out to our events, you'll be able to meet new people, explore Greek life, and decide whether or not
Kappa Phi Lambda is right for you!

What is the Intake Process?

After accepting the bid, you will begin the Intake Process. Its a period in which you will learn about the traditions and history of our sorority as well as the bonds of sisterhood within the new member class in addition to the actives of Kappa Phi Lambda.
We understand that you are here at St. John's to get an education and therefore, we will never ask you to compromise your academic goals or place the sorority above your academics.

How Do I Start?

Feel free to contact any sister about hanging out with us! Rush is completely free and non-binding so you can look forward to it! Who knows, you might find out that our eternal sisterhood is right where you belong! If you have any other questions or just want to hang out, feel free to contact the rush chairs at the e-mail addresses provided on the side or contact us on Instagram!

Contact a Rush Chair!

Cameron Tau 
IG: @camhyt
Judy Chen
IG: @judy.chn
Jae Gloria
IG: @clarissaajae
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